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Laticia Brice Consulting offers a variety of services aimed at helping you create your WordPress Website, Build your Course, Setup your Business Systems, and much more.

Discovery Call

Get unstuck. Gain Clarity. Get propelled to move forward towards progressing. Session tailored to suit your needs.

  • Idea to Income
  • Web Design and Brand Essentials
  • Tech Consultation – Business Systems Setup
  • And more….

Laticia's Discovery Call was comprehensive. I would say to potential clients that if they needed someone with the expertise to troubleshoot and bring clarity to a website, Laticia would be the go-to person.

Dr. Teresa Jeter

CEO, Governance Guru, and an Organizational Structure & Development Consultant, TMJ Consultants

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Website Audit

Need help to create a client-magnet, money-making website? Request an audit.

Laticia helped me to find clarity in my story branding online. She delivered an audit review of my website and gave an outline on how to improve my messaging on the website.

I gained more traction to my page and I connected more with my audiences. I received positive feedback from my clients as well as I had an increase in sales conversion.

I would highly recommend working with Laticia because she is knowledgeable, diligent, and patient. She does not hesitate to explain any problematic issue or concern that you might have. Most of all, Laticia is passionate about sharing her knowledge of IT with everyone. She is worthy of every penny and investment!

Trishana Osbourne

Inspirational Life Coach, Trishana Osbourne, Inc.

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Remote Support

Remote assistance for your WordPress Website, email sequence, Troubleshooting, etc.

I just had a great Remote Tech Support session with Laticia. I was getting stuck on an email sequence and visual automation in ConvertKit. We got on Zoom, shared my screen, and she took over remotely from there.

She was able to quickly show me the error and solution. She also provided great guidance and other tips.

What I love most is that she was thinking ahead of what my course of actions would be. Which I went on to say “Girl, I will just have to do another session with you”. Thank You RichFriend, Small Business Owners and online service providers need your services.

Antonina Geer

MBA, Chief Encourager, Purpose Transition Strategist, and CEO, Antonina Geer Consulting Group

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DWY Session

We get together on a Zoom call and build out your website together. This Session is booked in three hour blocks. Learn while we strategize, implement and design your WordPress Website.

Ms. Brice is extremely professional and personable. Working with her helped me solve the main issues I had when working on my website.

She educated me on the flow a website should have and the experience it should give to my clients.

She helped me build the confidence in my ability to design and maintain a professional business website. And

She provides ongoing support and education which gives me the needed push to continue growing in my new abilities.

If you are contemplating booking a consultation with Ms. Brice, I would seriously urge you to take the leap. With her years of experience and her personal touch she is worth every penny.

The only question is, do you want to invest in yourself or are you afraid to grow? This course is definitely a worthwhile investment that will quickly pay for itself.

Javon Brice

Owner, Mr. Finish ATL

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