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DIY wordpress bootcamp 2019

I was a part of my first DIY WordPress Bootcamp on Saturday it was very informative ,but the thing I liked is the way you choose your site identity(picture). Laticia was very patient and composed throughout the entire process. Thank you Laticia, #diywpbootcamp

Brenda Kendrick

CEO & Founder, BreMel Group | BreMel Gifts & Thrifts

A HUGE thank you to Laticia for her help during the DIY WordPress Bootcamp! I was completely lost, and ready to outsource the development of my website, but she directed me on how to do the basics and restored my hope! Now I am well on my way to a professional, functional site!

Danielle Commodore


The Bootcamp this past weekend was a great experience! It was very informative! I was impressed by the way Latica handled the participants needs throughout the session and the patience she displayed. She even extended her time even after the session ended to accommodate my needs. Extremely grateful for her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

June Wilson

Entrepreneur, Travel Company

I'm so appreciative of the DIYBOOTCAMP on Saturday. Very informative . Laticia took the time to make sure that everyone was on the same page. Some more ahead of others,and some more advanced than others but her patience was one of a mother with triplets in a stroller out on the town for a day….lol. I liked the sigh of relief from some of the other boot campers for getting further than they was because I've been in the same place and when we finally get it and can move forward it's a win ,win. Glad to be a part ! Thanks again Laticia!! #DIYBOOTCAMP

Elvisa Thompson

Entrepreneur, MELT Essentials

I have always wanted go create a website and thanks to this bootcamp I learned a lot thank you!

Holly Riley


DIYBootcamp was amazing!!!It was a wonderful experience and I learnt so much like how to create a Webpage, how to design it, how to create a logo, how to navigate on WordPress and so much more. I highly recommend this DIYBootcamp if your serious about moving your business to that next level!!!

Katonia Neely

CEO & Founder, Fashion With Class

I am very happy that I made the decision to take part in this boot camp. Laticia was extremely patient and helpful taking the time to thoroughly explain each person's questions and concerns. I had no idea where to start in terms of building a website but I'm now well on my way to growing and developing my business.

Audra McDonald


I am so happy that I did the DIY WordPress Bootcamp! My initial consultation with Laticia gave me the confidence I needed to even take the step to start my own online business. The Bootcamp was awesome, very informational I was able to set up my very first website. Her step by step instructions were very detailed, I almost felt like and expert lol. I was able to interact with other up and coming successful businesswomen, and it is a bond we will all share moving forward in our personal business ventures!! Thank you Laticia #diywpbootcamp

Alicia Miller


I benefited greatly. I walked away with an understanding of how to go about building a website. As a result of attending the bootcamp, I also feel that I have opened myself up to a great opportunity to gain support as far as having my business endeavor gain exposure. Further, I feel as though joining the membership, will increase my chances of success even more. This is because joining offers added opportunity to connect with seasoned experts in the field, which will offer me even more of a chance to succeed.

Natacha Sands

Aspiring Entrepreneur

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