About me

I am a Certified Tech Consultant and CEO of Laticia Brice Consulting
and PaqTeqnology.

As a Certified A+, Network+, and CCNA technician with over 18-years of experience, Laticia has established herself as a solution focused leader in the technology industry within The Bahamas.

Drawn to entrepreneurship, Laticia founded PaqTeqnology, a vocational training company, that provides practical skills training on how to start a career as a high earning computer technician. She understood first hand that for most to go into this field they had to attend a traditional technical college; for most on the islands, it would require leaving home to study abroad for two years. In order to provide better options for her community, she created a virtual training model so that students could attend remotely and not have to disrupt their family and work life.

As Laticia expanded her knowledge of online learning, she was immersed within the entrepreneurial space. There, she saw her fellow entrepreneurs struggling with basic IT requirements such as setting up their websites, membership portals, and online classrooms.

Not one to let a problem go unsolved, Laticia founded her consulting firm to provide new and aspiring entrepreneurs technical support services so they get back to focusing on making money.

Now, Laticia is expanding her consulting services to teach her Digital HUB System to entrepreneur DIYers so they can get their WordPress Website up and running, increase their visibility, engagement and income.

In 2023 Laticia has started to focus more on brick and mortar and ‘offline' businesses in The Bahamas to help these local business owners to bring their business online so that they can found by more Bahamians that are in their buying phase.

One of the top 5 things she recommends is a business listing on BahamaLocal, a Bahamian search engine she calls ‘the Bahamian Google'.

Our Mission

At Laticia Brice Consulting, we know that you want to be a successful business owner with a website that reaches more of your ideal clients. In order to do that, you need a client magnet, money-making website that converts.

The problem is, you are not Tech savvy and you cannot afford a professional web designer and marketing team, which makes you feel helpless, frustrated and like your business is destined to fail.

We believe building a website should not cost you loads of time and money. We understand how much time and money could be wasted on a project like this, which is why we teach the Digital HUB System to DIYers so you can get your website up and running, increasing visibility, engagement and revenue at an affordable price.

Schedule a consultation so you can stop losing coin, wasting time and money and instead, Get Your
Website up Already and start attracting and converting more of your ideal clients

Here's How We Do It


A signature evaluation process to establish and achieve the overarching goals for your website and to create a clear vision for its design.


A done-with-you design plan that guides you through selecting the elements that will enable you to create a fancy and functional site that meets its objectives.


Ongoing support to implement all the elements to build your website, maintain and update it and optimize it to increase revenue and grow your business.